Taste of Helsinki is a culinary festival, which takes you on a journey through the gourmet flavours of the city. We are proud to present some of the best Finnish restaurants and chefs, who will be preparing a sumptuous feast, just for you.

All food and drinks served at Taste of Helsinki are purchased with Markka. You can exchange Euro for Markka at our Taste of Helsinki Bank or from our roaming exchange staff.

Summer greens with tagetes & elderflower (v) – 5 mk

Pork belly with new potatoes & onion – 6 mk

Sorrel & white chocolate – 5 mk

Cod, bean, scallops – 5 mk

Pork cheek, soy, celeriac – 6 mk

Chocolate, banana, Brazil nuts – 5 mk

Lobster sausage, saffron risotto, dragon dressing – 5 mk

Slow cooked brisket of a veal, grilled spring cabbage, fermented soy bean sauce – 6 mk

‘Space cream’ 2014 – 5 mk

Crab cake with fennel – 5 mk

Spring chicken with spring cabbage – 6 mk

Grill Cheese from Heikkilä farm with mushrooms and spring cabbage (v) – 6 mk

Goatmilk ”Eskimo” and rhubarb – 5 mk



HOLA HOLA `14´ – 5 mk

Terrine of cured perch – 5 mk

Organic Finn cattle ”nose to tail”, Gobbas Gård Spring spelt – 6 mk

Beetroot and macaroni casserole (v) – 6 mk

Goat yoghurt parfait, liquorice, raspberry and fennel – 5 mk

Lobster risotto – 6 mk

Oscar Hot Dog with veal, asparagus and giant prawn – 5 mk

Hot Dog with spring potatoes, fresh asparagus and truffle​ (v) – 5 mk

Anise spiced salmon with prawns and avocado – 5 mk

Grilled lamb ribs with organic yogurt – spring cabbage salad and dark liquorice sauce sauce – 6 mk

Juicy strawberries with goat´s milk ”soft ice” and almonds – 5 mk

New Potatoes and Anchovy butter – 5 mk

Smoked salmon in Can and Postres archipelago bread – 6 mk

Roasted Couscous salad and harissa mayonnaise (v) – 6 mk

Tuttifrutti-calippo – 5 mk

Omelet with shrooms and liquorice (v) – 5 mk

Omelet with malo-veggies and dill (v) – 5 mk

Angelica posset with bee pollen – 5 mk

Fish tartar from the Baltic, crayfish and white fish roe – 5 mk

Slow cooked Åland lamb with a creamy sauce & Smakbyn’s lamb sausage – 6 mk

Åland pancake Smakbyn style – 5 mk


Besides enjoying fabulous food, you can also visit several features of the event, which include:


Electrolux Chef’s Secrets
Chef’s Secrets offers visitors a unique opportunity to cook alongside members of the Finnish Culinary team in our very own cookery school.

Electrolux Taste Theatre
This is where the capital’s culinary greats take to the stage and share their secrets, show off their skills and dish up some top tips with exciting demonstrations.


Paulig cafe

One can always experience and enjoy more!

Be enchanted by the elegant taste of the new Presidentti Special Blend 2014, a flowery taste meets the opulence of ripe berries. At the same time get to know the taste selection of Paulig Cupsolo – one cup at the time. Round off your Taste of Helsinki experience with Paulig coffee.


Taittinger Champagne bar

”The sparkling bubbles are the soul of champagne, in them glints a hint of magic.” Champagne, the queen of all spirits, should be part of all elaborate festivities. Vibrant, glamorous, delicious and special depicts Taittinger.


Kukko bar

Get the taste of summer’s most refreshing drinks at Laitilan Wirvoitusjuomatehtaan’s Kukko Bar and indulge in our new malts! You are very welcome to taste our new delicious beers such as unfiltered Kukko Vehnä and Kievari Ameriikan Ale as well as other beverages that give you a summery taste experience.


Taste of Helsinki is open for lunch and dinner on Thursday, Friday and Saturday and brunch on Sunday. You buy a ticket for the session that you would like to attend.

Opening times

thu 12.6 fri 13.6 sat 14.6 sun 15.6


Taste of Helsinki is located in the Kansalaistorin puisto in Helsinki city centre. Access to the park is behind Musiikkitalo, which is a short walk from both the main train station and the bus station.


Barry & Mira MacNamara
+358 (0) 45 887 3220

Press enquiries:
Stella Harasek
+358 (0) 44 505 7444

Taste of Helsinki

Hei kaikki! We are back and starting to think about Taste of Helsinki 2015 :) The park is booked and the dates are: 11.-14.6.2015 Maukasta syksyä! ...

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Taste of Helsinki

Taste of Helsinki päivitti kansikuvansa. ...

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Taste of Helsinki

Haluamme kiittää kaikkia ravintoloita, näytteilleasettajia ja yhteistyökumppaneita, te autoitte tekemään tämän vuoden Taste of Helsingistä parhaan koskaan! Ravintolat tarjoilivat uskomattomat 45 000 annosta 8 500:lle vierailijalle! Olemme erityisen kiitollisia teille kaikille Taste of Helsinki 2014:ssä syöneille ja juoneille, jotka nautitte tapahtumasta säästä huolimatta! Suurkiitos! Nyt suuntaamme Irlantiin lepäämään ja palautumaan kahdeksi kuukaudeksi ja palaamme Suomeen syyskuussa suunnittelemaan Taste of Helsinki 2015:ttä! Ihanaa, aurinkoista kesää kaikille! Barry, Mira & Oona ...

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